Spider Farmer grow light

Spider Farmer SF 1000 LED Quantum Board grow light

We love the Spider Farmer grow light. The SF 1000 has sun-like full spectrum 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, & 760nm IR. Perfect for indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers. Additionally, the LED grow light comes in an unmarked generic cardboard box that is well secured. In fact it comes in a completely custom box that the light ships in. I was really impressed with how well it was packaged.

Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer SF 1000 shipped with custom packaging
The Spider Farmer SF-1000 is extremely lightweight at just under 3 lbs. And that is not including the cord of course. The individual LED’s are spread out over a larger space. Giving you better coverage with a higher efficiency. This means the heat load is spread out over the entire panel. Furthermore, the light doesn’t need any active cooling on its own. Additionally, it’s completely silent.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer SF 1000 under 3 lbs.
Look closely at the clear rubberized coating. Spider Farmer went the extra step and used waterproof glue across the entire surface of the light. This is to avoid any rust or corrosion. Additionally, a huge plus if you live in a humid environment.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer SF 1000 LED Quantum Board grow light
A Mean Well driver is used to push all those LED’s. Mean Well is a  very high quality driver. According to Spider Farmer, it has a 50% longer lifespan compared to other brand lights.  The cord is 6.5 feet from the driver and no power switch on the light. This is totally fine as you will probably want to plug it into a timer anyway.
The Driver is about 1/4” off the heat sink to separate them. Specifically to keep it cooler. It’s also fan-less. Set at 100 watts right out of the box. But, it’s also dimmable. In fact, if you take the driver off and flip it over, you can dim it.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer with Mean Well Driver
Take a look at the individual Samsung LM301B diodes.  This high-efficiency white light board has a total of 208 Samsung LED chips. (9 Deep Red LED chips) 660-665 nano-meters of red, (1 IR chip)760  nano-meters of Infrared, 3000K white (warm) , 5000K blue.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer Full Spectrum
It covers a 3 x 3 ft vegetative space or 2 x 2  foot space during flowering. In fact it only uses just a bit over 100 watts. Measuring at  just under 12  inches (30 cm) by 10.5” (26.7 cm). It is a dimmable driver. If you take the driver off and flip it over you can dim it. Really strong, bright light full spectrum light. High Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer grow light Light Diagram
Spider Farmer includes 2 wire hangers that attach directly to the grow light. The 2 ratcheting hangers are awesome. They allow you to easily adjust the height of the light. And, they also prevent it from swinging. Definitely a bonus that it comes with those.
Spider Farmer grow light
Spider Farmer ratchet rope hangers
Par chart at 12" from the canopy
So far I am loving this LED grow light. Indeed strong, bright full spectrum light.
Spider Farmer grow light
Par chart at 18" from the canopy
Here are some of my favorite Spider Farmer features: Large solid aluminum heat sink, high quality protective covers for cables. Electric shock proof covers on wires. Waterproof LED board with high safety performance. Dimmable (with a few extra steps) and fan-less so ZERO Noise. Specifically, it has a really high quality feel to everything and a nice looking design.
Another bonus is that it comes with a 3 Year warranty (service centers located in US,CA,UK,DE). And returnable within 30 days.
This Spider Farmer Grow light can be shipped to the USA, Canada, UK, and Denmark. Additionally, if you have any questions about Spider Farmer grow lights, please comment below.

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