Caladium Varieties

Caladium Varieties (angel wing plant)

Angel Wing Plant Varieties

Caladiums, also called Angel Wings, are unique tropical perennials. Their almost unparalleled foliage are arrowhead-shaped and come in a variety of striking colors and patterns. Combinations of green, red, pink, and white make them very desirable houseplants. Some of the most popular Caladium varieties are Caladium Strawberry Star, Caladium White Christmas, Caladium White Queen and Caladium Moonlight.  Check out more than 100 stunning Caladium varieties below.

Common Names

Angel Wings, Heart of Jesus, Elephant Ears

Sun Exposure

Indirect light (indoors), full to part shade (outdoors)

Hardiness Zones

2-11 (depending on the variety)

Caladium Aaron
Caladium Aaron

The Caladium Aaron has a creamy white center, white veins, and dark green margins. A relatively tall, upright Caladium. The ancestry of ‘Aaron’ is unknown. Buy Caladium Aaron here.

Caladium Allure
Allure Caladium

Caladium Allure has off-white leaves with deep green veins. Introduced to phase out the older Candidum Caladium. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Candidum Senior’ and Caladium ‘Candidum’.

Caladium Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom

Caladium Apple Blossom has green borders with pink center s. Additionally, she has pronounced pink main veins. Features slightly frilly leaves that can tolerate 4-6 hours of sunlight.

Caladium Berries 'N Burgundy
Berries 'N Burgundy

Caladium Berries ‘N Burgundy has bronze leaves with bright pink veins. Also, it can tolerate full sun. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Dynasty’ and Caladium ‘Blaze’.

Caladium Black Mamba
Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is one of the darkest Caladiums. Definitely one of the dreamiest Caladiums of all. A rare stunner and a perfect contrast plant.

Caladium Blaze
Caladium Blaze

Blaze Caladium has red scarlet ribs and is low growing. Their sun tolerance is partial sun to shade. Buy Caladium Blaze bulbs here.

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Caladium Blushing Bride
Blushing Bride

Bright deep pink leaves with a green border. Main veins may turn whiter. Caladium Blushing Bride is a hybrid of Caladium ‘Pink Symphony’ and Caladium ‘Aaron’.

Caladium Bombshell
Caladium Bombshell

The Caladium Bombshell has intense red centers with deep green margins. Also, she can withstand full sun. A stunning hybrid of Caladium ‘Red Flash’. Buy Caladium Bombshell here.

Caladium Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket

Caladium Bottle Rocket has bright red veins surrounded by white splotches. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ and Caladium ‘Creamsickle’. Buy Caladium Bottle Rocket here.

Caladium Burning Heart
Burning Heart

Caladium Burning Heart has heart-shaped bronze leaves. Additionally, they are speckled with flecks of pink. Mature clumps reach up to 18 inches (45 cm) tall with an equal spread. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Red Flash’ and Caladium ‘Twist N Shout’.

Caladium Candidum
Caladium Candidum

The Caladium Candidum Senior has white leaves with green veins and is fancy-leaved. Grows well under shade or partial sun. Buy Caladium Candidum here.

Candidum Jr
Caladium Candidum Jr

Candidum Jr has white leaves with green veins. Leaves are strap-leaved and some sun tolerance is tolerated. ‘Candidum Junior’ is believed to be a field mutation of ‘Candidum Sr’. Buy Caladium Candidum Jr here.

Caladium Candyland
Caladium Candyland

The Caladium Candyland stunner has pink spots, white main veins, and a green margin. A hybrid of Caladium Lance Wharton and Gingerland. Buy Caladium Candyland here.

Caribbean Coral
Caribbean Coral

Caladium Caribbean Coral has coral to pink colored leaves. Also, with white specks. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium ‘White Marble’. Buy Caladium Caribbean Coral here.

Carolyn Wharton
Carolyn Wharton

The Caladium Carolyn Whorton has a green border, dark pink veins. Also, it has splotches of light pink and white in the center. Fancy-leaved and does well with some sun. Buy Caladium Carolyn Whorton here.

Caladium Carousel
Caladium Carousel

The Caladium Carousel has white leaves, with red veins, and green margins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ and Caladium ‘John Peed’. Buy Caladium Carousel here.

Caladium Celebration
Caladium Celebration

Celebration Caladium has dark red veins, white-colored interveinal areas, and is surrounded by dark green borders. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium ‘White Christmas’.

Caladium Chinook
Chinook Caladium

The Caladium Chinook has a salmon pink center with a green margin. Caladium Chinook is a hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wonder’ and Caladium ‘Kathleen’.

Caladium Classic Pink
Caladium Classic Pink

Classic Pink Caladium leaves have a pretty pink center with green margins. A relatively newer hybrid of Caladium ‘Red Flash’ in 2015. An excellent variety for indoor and container gardening.

Caladium Dawn to Dusk
Dawn to Dusk

The Dawn to Dusk Caladium has a creamy-white center with red splotches and a green margin. Grown in partial shade. However, it can tolerate full sun. Formerly known as Caladium Creamsickle.

Caladium Day Dreamer
Caladium Day Dreamer

White leaves with rose-red spots and can sometimes develop a rose-red blush in the center. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Gingerland’ and Caladium ‘White Wonder’.

Caladium Debutante
Caladium Debutante
The Caladium Debutante has white leaves and deep green veins. Leaves  can develop a light pink blush. Hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wonder’ & with Caladium ‘Florida Sweetheart’.
Caladium Desert Sunset
Desert Sunset
Leaves are bronze salmon-pink with copper colored veins. Indeed Desert Sunset looks great in hanging baskets. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wonder’ & Caladium ‘Twist and Shout’.
Caladium Varieties
Fannie Munson
Caladium Fannie Munson has pink leaves dashed in white, rose-pink veins, framed by olive green edges. ‘Fannie Munson’ Caladium is a wonderful container plant. Buy Caladium Munson here.
Caladium Fireworks
Fireworks Caladium

An attractive fancy leaf variety with dark green background and border variously marked with dark red splotches. The Caladium Fireworks is a naturally-occurring mutation of Caladium ‘Fire Chief’.

Caladium Flare
Caladium Flare

Flare Caladium has shiny rose centers. Also, surrounded by a gray-green and pink speckling and dark green margins.  A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ and Caladium ‘Rosemary’.

Caladium Flatter Me
Flatter Me Caladium
The Caladium Flatter Me has a leaf pattern not seen on any other caladium. Specifically with light and dark green splotches and red veins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Mt. Everest’ and Caladium ‘John Peed’.
Caladium Florida Beauty
Florida Beauty

Caladium Florida Beauty is one of the most beautiful Caladiums on the market. It has dark green leaves with blotches of yellow splattered all over the leaves.

Caladium Florida Elise
Florida Elise Caladium

The Caladium Florida Elise has large emerald green leaves covered with light pink splotches. Buy Caladium Florida Elise here.

Caladium Florida Moonlight
Caladium Florida Moonlight

Florida Moonlight Caladium has white leaves with a very thin green edge. Buy Caladium Florida Moonlight here.

Caladium Florida Red Ruffles
Florida Red Ruffles

Caladium Florida Red Ruffles is an intense red strap-leaf caladium. Additionally, it is short in size. Buy Caladium Red Ruffles here.

Caladium Varieties
Florida Sweetheart

The Caladium Florida Sweetheart has a pinkish-red center with green edges. A  strap-leaved variety that enjoys some sun. Buy Caladium Florida Sweetheart bulbs here.

Caladium Florida White Ruffles
Florida White Ruffles

Caladium Florida White Ruffles has white and dark green bi-colored leaves that are lanceolate in shape. A hybrid of Caladium Aaron and Caladium Red Frill.

Caladium Freckles
Caladium Freckles

Freckles Caladium has leaves that are green with big red splotches. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Twist N’ Shout’ and Caladium ‘Red Flash’.

Caladium Varieties Frieda Hemple
Frieda Hemple

The Freida Hemple Caladium has dark red centers with wide green margins. Excellent in shade. Needs plenty of water, heat, and high humidity. Buy Caladium Freida Hemple bulbs here.

Caladium Frog in a blender
Frog in a blender

Caladium Frog in a Blender has large striking leaves with splashes of lime and dark greens. Buy Caladium Frog in a Blender here.

Caladium Gingerbread Varieties
Caladium Gingerland

The Caladium Gingerland has creamy white, with red speckles, and green margins. Delicate patterns of green, white and deep red on this caladium create a unique, festive look. Buy Caladium Gingerland here.

Caladium Heart and Soul
Heart and Soul Caladium

Caladium Heart and Soul leaves have a white center, green border and red spots. Also, it tolerates sun or shade. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wonder’ and Caladium ‘Gingerland’. Buy Caladium Heart and Soul here.

Caladium 'Heart's Delight
Heart's Delight

The Caladium Heart’s Delight has rich cherry red leaf centers with green borders. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wing’ and Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’. Buy Caladium Heart’s Delight here.

Caladium Heart’s Desire
Heart’s Desire

The Caladium Heart’s Desire has bright green leaves, bright white central veins, red speckles, and a green margin. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Grey Ghost’ and ‘Miss Muffet’. Buy Caladium Heart’s Desire here.

Caladium Hot 2 Trot
Caladium Hot 2 Trot

Hot 2 Trot Caladium has younger leaves that start out shiny with a bright red center. Also, it has contrasting green margins. Later emerging leaves may be less shiny.

Caladium humboldtii 'Mini White'
Humboldtii Mini

Caladium Humboldtii ‘Mini White’ is a smaller variety. It has small green leaves mottled with white.

Caladium Iceberg
Caladium Iceberg

The Caladium Iceberg has a mottled cream and dark green pattern. Additionally, there is a dark red coloration where the petiole attaches to the leaf blade.

Caladium John Peed
John Peed Caladium

Caladium John Peed has a bright red center with dark margins. John Peed is an old time favorite.

Caladium June Bride
Caladium June Bride

June Bride Caladiums have lush heart shaped leaves that start greenish. Then, they turn white as the plant matures. Also, they have very pale, delicate veins. Buy Caladium June Bride here.

Caladium Just Saucy
Caladium Just Saucy

Highly visible pattern with cream white and  sometimes yellow centers. Also, with large rust orange blotches. The Caladium Just Saucy is a hybrid of Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’ and Caladium ‘Twist N’ Shout’.

Caladium varieties
Lemon Blush Caladium

Fancy-type leaves are chartreuse to lime green. Also, with rose red centers. As they develop, rose red areas can cover the entire leaf surface. Caladium Lemon Blush is a hybrid of ‘Miss Muffet’ and ‘Florida Red Ruffles’.

Caladium varieties
Mesmerized Caladium

The Caladium Mesmerized features a lime and dark green border with a bright red center.  A hybrid of Caladium ‘RS-03-03’and Caladium ‘Twist N’ Shout’.

Caladium Miss Muffet
Caladium Miss Muffet

Miss Muffet Caladium has lime green to chartreuse leaves, speckled with maroon and often red veins. The colors are brightest in shade. However, this variety also tolerates full sun. Buy Caladium Miss Muffet here.

Caladium Monument
Monument Caladium

The Caladium Monument has bright white leaves with a deep green border. A hybrid of White Christmas and Cerise. Cerise is also known as ‘Pha Ya Mol’ in Thailand.

Caladium ‘Mt. Everest’
Caladium ‘Mt. Everest’

Mt. Everest Caladium has green and white leaves with red-purple veins. A hybrid of Caladium Grey Ghost and Caladium White Wing.

Caladium Party Punch
Caladium Party Punch

Pink center, white spots, and a green margin. Hybrid of Caladium Red Flash. A hybrid of Caladium WS-03-36 and Caladium ‘Red Flash’. Buy Caladium Party Punch here.

Caladium Peppermint
Peppermint Caladium

Leaves will go from white to an almost translucent red-pink color with white veins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Pink Symphony’ and Caladium ‘White Wing’. Buy Caladium Peppermint here.

Caladium Pink Beauty
Caladium Pink Beauty

The Caladium Pink Beauty has pink leaves, with red veins, and pink-speckled green margins. Usually short in height and does well in shade. Buy Caladium Pink Beauty here. 

Caladium Pink Cloud
Pink Cloud

Pink Cloud Caladium is pink with red veins, pink-speckled green margin. Also, leaves are fancy-leaved and it is sun tolerant. Caladium Pink Cloud is great for adding easy color to your garden. Buy Caladium Pink Cloud here.

Caladium Pink Gem
Pink Gem

The Pink Gem Caladium has frilly Salmon pink centers grading to green. Additionally, leaves are strap-leaved and tolerates some sun. Great for garden beds, baskets and mixed containers. Buy Caladium Pink Gem here.

Caladium Pink Splash
Caladium Pink Splash

Pink Splash Caladium has a graceful pink center with a contrasting green border and main veins. A naturally-occurring whole plant mutation of Caladium ‘Elise’.

Caladium Pink Symphony
Pink Symphony

Caladium Pink Symphony has pink with green veins. Additionally, leaves are strap-leaved and tolerates some sun. Also known as Caladium Thai Beauty. Read more about ‘Thai Beauty’ here. Buy Caladium Pink Symphony here.

Postman Joyner
Postman Joyner

The Caladium Postman Joyner has wide red centers and medium green margins. Additionally, leaves are strap-leaved and it’s sun tolerant. Buy Caladium Postman Joyner here.

Caladium Posy Pink
Caladium Posy Pink

Pink leaves, pink veins with pink surrounding, and dark-green margins. Areas suffused with dark red, grey green and green.  A hybrid of Caladium ‘Aaron’ and Caladium ‘John Peed’.

Caladium praetermissum 'Hilo Beauty'
Caladium 'Hilo Beauty'

The Caladium ‘Hilo Beauty’ is commonly knows as “Army Caladium”. A rare polka-dot plant with yellow and white spots on bright green leaves. Definitely hard to come by.

Caladium Puppy Love
Puppy Love Caladium

Caladium Puppy Love is similar to Caladium Florida Sweetheart. Although, with a deeper, richer color, and thicker leaves. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium WS-02-18.

Caladium Radiance
Caladium Radiance

Leaves of Caladium Radiance will range between glossy and then develop a deep crimson blush as the leaf matures. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Red Flash’ and Caladium WS-03-36.

Caladium Raspberry Moon
Caladium Raspberry Moon

Raspberry Moon Caladium leaves have a vibrant light green background, Also, raspberry colored splotches. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’ and Caladium ‘Fire Chief’.

Caladium Red Alert
Red Alert Caladium

Caladium Red Alert has bright red leaves with a green margin. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Pink Beauty and Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’.

Caladium Red Beret
Caladium Red Beret

The Caladium Red Beret has bright pink and bright green leaves. Additionally, she has white spots all over the leaves.

Caladium Red Flash
Caladium Red Flash

The Caladium Red Flash has dark red with pink spots and wide dark green margins, fancy-leaved. Buy Caladium Red Flash here.

Caladium Red Frill
Red Frill Caladium

Red Frill Caladium has red shading to green at tips, very frilled. It is strap-leaved and not sun tolerant. 

Caladium Red Glamour
Caladium Red Glamour
Red Glamour Caladium is red with a dark red centers, dark veins, and a dark green border. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium ‘White Wonder’.
Caladium Red Rio
Red Rio Caladium

The Caladium Red Rio looks like a slice of watermelon. In fact, it makes me dream of summmertime! A hybrid of Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’ and Caladium ‘Gingerland’.

Caladium Red Star
Caladium Red Star

Red Star Caladium has green leaves with white spots and large pink veins. A rare caladium beauty.

Caladium Restless Heart
Restless Heart Caladium

The Caladium Restless Heart has very dark green leaves, red veins. Additionally, interveinal areas are reddish pink with red, orange, and green spots. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Red Flash’ and Caladium ‘Twist N’ Shout’.

Caladium Rosebud
Caladium Rosebud

The Caladium Rosebud has a pink center, surrounded by white and edged with green. Fancy-leaved, sun tolerant. Buy Caladium Rosebud here.

Caladium Rose Glow
Rose Glow Caladium

Caladium Rose Glow has a lively pink center with a wide green border. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Aaron’ and Caladium ‘Freida Hemple’.

Caladium Rosemary
Caladium Rosemary

The Caladium Rosemary has rose red leaves with a mottled light and dark green border. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wing’ and Caladium ‘Florida Red Ruffles’. Buy Caladium Rosemary here.

Caladium Sangria
Sangria Caladium

The Caladium Sangria has red shading. Then green shading at the tips. It’s very frilled, strap-leaved, and not sun tolerant. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium ‘White Wonder’.

Caladium Scarlet Beauty
Caladium Scarlet Beauty

Scarlet Beauty Caladium has very large leaves with big dark scarlet blotches and dark red veins. Additionally, it has undefined green margins. Buy Caladium Scarlet Beauty here.

Caladium Scarlet Flame
Scarlet Flame Caladium

The Caladium Scarlet Flame has dark green leaves have rose red venation and interveinal areas and pink-colored blotches. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and ‘Candyland’. Buy Caladium Scarlet Flame here.

Caladium Sizzle
Caladium Sizzle

Sizzle Caladium has  a large red center, dark red to purple mid and primary veins. Also, netted grey-purple secondary veins, and mottled undulate margins. Caladium Sizzle is a hybrid of Caladium Candidum Junior’ and Caladium ‘Florida Sweetheart’.

Caladium varieties
Snow drift Caladium

Caladium Snow Drift has white leaves with green veins and margins. Definitely a beauty. A Hybrid of Caladium ‘Victoria’ and Caladium ‘White Christmas’.

Caladium Southern Charm
Southern Charm Caladium

The Caladium Southern Charm has gray-green leaves with dark green margins. Also, red-purple veins and areas surrounding the veins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Wonder’ and Caladium ‘Blaze’. 

Caladium Splash of Wine
Splash of Wine Caladium

Caladium Splash of Wine has white leaves, dark green veins, red- purple spots, and narrow dark green margins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Gingerland’ and Caladium ‘Candidum’.

Caladium Starburst
Starburst Caladium

The Caladium Starburst develops white main veins that contrast well with its dark pink background. A hybrid of Caladium White Wing and Freida Hemple. Buy Caladium Starburst bulbs here.

Caladium Strawberry Star
Strawberry Star

Caladium Strawberry Star has white fancy-leaves that are almost transparent. Also, it has light green mid veins and red speckles. Read more here.

Caladium Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze Caladium

The Summer Breeze Caladium has large white leaves with a pink center. A hybrid of Caladium ‘John Peed’ and Caladium ‘Candidum’.

Caladium Sunset Pink
Caladium Sunset Pink

Sunset Pink Caladium has a bright salmon pink center with a green border. Similar to ‘Kathleen’ Caladium. Although, brighter in color and it does not fade.

Caladium Tapestry
Tapestry Caladium

The Caladium Tapestry has deep green heart-shaped leaves that have vibrant pink veins and cream-colored centers. 

Caladium Tiki Torch
Caladium Tiki Torch

The Caladium Tiki Torch has rose-red centers and veins, with lime-green to chartreuse margins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Highlighter’ and Caladium ‘John Peed’. Buy Caladium Tiki Torch here.

Caladium Tickle Me Pink
Tickle Me Pink Caladium

Caladium Tickle Me Pink has dark green margins, rose red veins, and areas of green, tan, and rose red. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Florida Sweetheart’ and Caladium ‘White Wonder’.

Caladium Va Va Violet
Caladium Va Va Violet

The Caladium Va Va Violet is a strap-leaf variety. It is the first violet variety on the market. A rare beauty and perfect for Caladium collectors.

Caladium Victoria
Victoria Caladium

The Caladium Victoria has red, pink, and green leaves. In fact, it is a naturally-occurring plant mutation of the Caladium ‘Florida Sweetheart’. Characterized by its compact, symmetrical, upright, outwardly arching and rounded plant habit. Indeed one of my favorite lance-leaf varieties.

Caladium White Cap
Caladium White Cap

White Cap Caladium is white with white veins and green edges. Also a shade-long fancy-leaved variety. Caladium White Cap is intermediate to tall in height. A hybrid of Caladium ‘White Christmas’ and Caladium ‘Aaron’. Buy Caladium White Cap here.

Caladium White Christmas
White Christmas

Caladium White Christmas has bright white with dark green veins and margins. Additionally, leaves are fancy-leaved. However, no direct sun for this lush, heart-shaped beauty. Read more about Caladium White Christmas here. Or, buy Caladium White Christmas here.

Caladium White Diamond
Caladium White Diamond

The Caladium White Diamond has white to green leaves. Also, with few light pink-colored spots. Margins are dark green with white veins. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Lance Whorton’ and Caladium ‘Jackie Suthers’.

Caladium White dynasty
White Dynasty Caladium

Caladium White Dynasty has white and grey-green leaves. Additionally, it has a few random red-purple spots. Margins are dark green with gray-green veins.

Caladium White Majesty
Caladium White Majesty

The Caladium White Majesty has medium green leaves. Additionally, it has white and grey-green colored centers and veins. Also deer resistant and rabbit resistant.

Caladium White Marble
White Marble Caladium

The Caladium White Marble has white and green leaves with pink and green accents.  A beautiful lance-leaved (strap) variety that can stand full sun. Also, great in containers.

Caladium White Queen
White Queen

Pure white leaves with thin red and green veins, fancy-leaved, sun tolerant. Read more about Caladium White Queen here. Or, buy Caladium White Queen bulbs here.

Caladium White Pearl
Caladium White Pearl

The Caladium White Pearl is a white lance-leaf (strap) variety. Also, this beauty can take full sun. A popular choice for hanging baskets, borders, or mixed containers.

White Wing Caladium
White Wing Caladium

Caladium White Wing is white with curled edges, stippled with green. A strap-leaved (lance) variety that can tolerate some sun. However, she loves the shade. Synonym: Cyrtospadix bicolor. Buy White Wing Caladium here.

Caladium Cranberry Star
Cranberry Star Caladium

The Caladium Cranberry Star has heart-shaped leaves, bright white leaves with numerous purple spots. A yybrid of Caladium C35a and Caladium UF-85245. Buy Caladium Cranberry Star here.

Caladium Creamsickle
Caladium Creamsickle

Creamsickle Caladium leaves have gray-green veins, gray-green and gray-purple interveinal areas, interspersed with dark-green sectors. Additionally, surrounded by dark green borders. A hybrid of Caladium ‘Aaron’ and Caladium  ‘Twist N’ Shout’. 

Caladium ‘Kathleen’
Caladium Kathleen

The Caladium Kathleen has candy-pink-blotched leaves. Semi-translucent pink hearts are in the center of the leaves. Especially when the light shines through them. Green outer edges define the shape.

Caladium White Wonder
White Wonder Caladium

Caladium White Wonder has frilly white strapped-shaped leaves with distinctive green borders. It tolerates sun or shade. An annual except in zones 10-11. Buy Caladium White Wonder here.

Caladium ‘Highlighter’
Caladium Highlighter

The Caladium Highlighter is a versatile, lance leaf caladium. Additionally, it is a sun tolerant variety with colorful foliage and texture that lasts all season. Great for garden beds, baskets and mixed containers.

Caladium Lindenii | Xanthosoma Lindenii ‘Magnificum’
Caladium Lindenii

The Caladium Lindenii Magnificum (Xanthosoma lindenii) is an ornamental, evergreen herb. It grows from rhizomes with its showy arrow-shaped, thin-leathery leaves.

Caladium Clowning Around
Clowning Around

Caladium ‘Clowning Around’ is a Fancy leaf Caladium. It has clear bright rose-pink veins. Cream-orange areas surround the veins with raised olive green edges (often raised).

Caladium Twist N' Shout
Twist N' Shout

The Caladium Twist N’ Shout or Twist and Shout, is a fancy-leaf variety. It has a burnt orange background and olive spots and leaf margin. This represents a new color for caladiums.

Caladium ‘Cherry Tart’
Caladium Cherry Tart

 ‘Cherry Tart’ Caladium is a fairly short variety. However, it produces lots of intense, red leaves.  These plants are vigorous and vibrant until frost.

Caladium Florida Fantasy
Florida Fantasy

The Caladium Florida Fantasy has medium white leaves with red veins. Typically medium in height and can take full sun or shade. Florida Fantasy is a white Fancy Leaf caladium variety.

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