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Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx (Care & Propagation)

Named after the Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. Specifically world-famous for his designs of parks and gardens. In fact, more than 50 plants bear his name. Philodendron Burle Marx is a  clumping aroid that has glossy, heart-shaped leaves. Copious leaves have deep lobes and delicate pale veining. An upright philodendron that looks great indoors or in your outdoor landscape. Additionally, in warmer climates it develops runners, making it perfect as a ground cover. Alternatively, it can climb if given support.

scindapsus varieties

Scindapsus varieties (Types of Scindapsus)

Many stunning scindapsus varieties are available from common to incredibly rare. Scindapsus is a genus of plants in the araceae family. In fact they are flowering plants. However, as with many houseplants, they don’t typically flower in cultivation. These vining plants are perfect climbing moss poles or in hanging baskets.

Sansevieria Masoniana

Sansevieria Masoniana | Whale Fin Sansevieria

Sansevieria Masoniana is now known as Dracaena Masoniana. Commonly called Mason’s Congo or Whale Fin Sansevieria. Native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Hence the name Mason’s Congo. Masoniana is nicknamed Whale Fin Snake Plant because of the unique shape of its unusually wide, paddle-like leaves. Though slow-growing, the Whale Fin Sansevieria reaches impressive size compared to other members of the genus.

Peperomia Varieties

Watermelon Peperomia (Peperomia argyreia)

Peperomia Argyreia (pronounced pep-er-ROH-mee-uh ar-GY-ree-uh) is commonly known as the Watermelon Peperomia. Indeed because the leaves look like the skin of watermelons. Additionally, waxy, green and silver striped leaves are attached to short, reddish-purple stems. Definitely the perfect addition to your indoor plant collection.
The watermelon peperomia is easy to grow and is very adaptable. Specifically, it is great for beginners. It is no wonder why it has become such a trendy plant. Definitely perfect for small spaces or offices, as it stays quite compact.

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