Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

Dieffenbachia maculata ‘Camille’ | Dumb Cane

Dieffenbachia maculata ‘Camille’ is one of the most common and easiest indoor houseplants to grow. It is very popular among indoor house plants. This low maintenance, tropical shrub is also known as Dumb Cane, and thrives in a large range of environments. Camille adds fun color and texture without flowers. 

Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

Dieffenbachia ‘Camille’ is a hybrid variety of Dieffenbachia, a genus of plants with striking foliage. Camille is well-known for its ivory-yellow leaves edged in rich, dark green.
She is one of the most common varieties that you will likely see at nurseries and garden centers. Prefers more shade than most types of other dieffenbachias. Great for tree frogs, which will utilize the large, broad leaves for roosting. A rather large tropical plant, and should be planted towards the back of a tank. ‘Camille’ can get very large over time and makes a spectacular indoor plant or outdoor plant.
Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

Dieffenbachia Quick Care Guide


It is best to keep them evenly moist, not wet or dry. Never allow the plant to stand in water.


Does best under bright, indirect light, but will survive in reduced lighting conditions.


They prefer a little higher humidity in the air.


Performs best in temperatures between 65-85° F


Use a loose, fertile, high organic medium. The growing medium should have good water-holding capacity and be well drained.


Fertilize plants twice a month during the growing season to encourage healthy plant growth.


Susceptible to mealybugs, thrips, spider mites and aphids.


dif-fen-bak-ee-uh or dee-fuhn-bak-ee-uh

Common Name

Dumbcane, dumb cane

Scientific Name



This plant is toxic if ingested. Keep away from children and pets.
Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

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Dieffenbachia 'Camille'

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