Disocactus flagelliformis Rat Tail Cactus

Rat Tail cactus is the common name for Disocactus flagelliformis (or Aporocactus flagelliformis) and is native to Mexico. This slender, attractive, outdoor succulent is an epiphytic plant. This means it can grow naturally in low soil cracks such as tree crotches and rocky crevasses.
Its thick stems grow tall before the weight of the stems cause it to bend and either hang out of its pot, or trail along the ground. This tall, trailing cactus is one of the most widely cultivated cacti in its genus. Rat Tail cactus can grow up to 6 feet in length.
Bristly “hair” covers the limp stems which can be trained into many shapes and forms. The flexible, branching, stems about a half inch in diameter.
Disocactus flagelliformis _Rat-Tail Cactus
Disocactus flagelliformis - Rat-Tail Cactus


Water generously during the active growth period and very sparingly during the rest period.


Plentiful and direct. Choose a west or south-facing window.


This desert plant likes low humidity.


60°-75° F during the spring, summer and early autumn. 45°-50° F during the late autumn and winter months.


Well draining soil mix that is gritty is advisable to use, which is sold and used for cacti and succulents.


Fertilize with a mild liquid solution at half strength.


Susceptible to spider mites and scale. Learn how to eradicate pests here


DYE-so-cactus  fluh-GEL-uh-form-miss

Common Name

Rat Tail cactus, dread lock cactus

Scientific Name

Disocactus flagelliformis


Can be toxic to animals.

Disocactus flagelliformis _Rat-Tail Cactus
Disocactus flagelliformis - Rat-Tail Cactus in bloom
Disocactus flagelliformis blooms can be rare and typically appear on mature growth in Spring. Flowers produced are a stunning bright pink to crimson red hue. Blooms are tubular and about 2-3  inches long and 1 inch wide. On occasion they produce orange blossoms. The flowering season lasts for about two months and individual blooms can last for several days.
These are low maintenance plants and add interest and texture to any décor. The plants are desert dwellers and do well in USDA Hardiness Zone: 10a-11. Rat Tail cactus can also thrive as an indoor plant.
Disocactus flagelliformis _Rat-Tail Cactus
Disocactus flagelliformis - Rat Tail Cactus

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